February 8, 2015

These Three Blogs

In Your Words: Week 5

The blog or weblog is a site published online which to post content and create a community around a determined topic or discussion.  With the creation of sites like Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress, anyone can be a published author or blogger.  Even me.

For this week’s assignment, I will analyze some of my favorite blogs.  Let’s take a closer look at the three awesome blogs I selected:



This professional group blog gives financial and career advice for women through posting original articles and links to various other sites.  I classified it as professional since they post at least daily and they have a staff dedicated to dailyworth.com.  I also see this site as a group blog because there are many writers and authors contributing to the content published here.


Dailyworth.com reflects its brand in its simple, clean design with soft muted colors. It looks and feels feminine; clearly drafted for its target reader.  But what makes this site stand apart from countless others is that its focused on women and how money affects their personal and professional lives.  Its for every woman.  A candid post from January 30 by blogger Alison Hatfield, Why I Never Wanted Kids, was very popular.  But there are plenty of articles about raising a family, too.


So how do people find DailyWorth?  I tried googling what I would perceive as DailyWorth’s keywords to determine how successful their SEO rankings were.  “Money advice” yielded page four results.  “Financial advice” didn’t even pull their website in the first five pages.  But a more specific search, “financial advice women” provided top placement, right under wife.org and Suze Orman.  I estimate that most new readers are coming to the site through social shares.  I originally found it on another blogger’s list of great blogs.

Rather than filling their homepage with banner advertisements, DailyWorth has interface members.  These members serve as a preferred list of providers and advisors vetted by DailyWorth.  What’s more though is that these are professional women with their photo and contact links, not just faceless advertisers.  They also cannot use their guest articles as a way to shamelessly promote their own product.  They are a part of the community and support the purpose of DailyWorth.  There are spots for banner ads on the homepage, which are currently running DailyWorth ads.  Ideal companies that would be great potential advertisers on this site could include job search sites like Indeed or Careerbuilder as well as online financial institutions promoting higher interest savings and checking accounts, like Ally Bank.

Overall, I would say DailyWorth is a very successful blog.  It posts daily, it is integrated on twitter and other social sites, it has original and relevant content, it is easy to subscribe to their feed and to share their posts and it has the longevity and staff needed to continue its success.

DailyWorth.com gets two thumbs up from me.




This is an inspirational blog discussing how to live a meaningful life, how to get “unstuck” and how to live boldly.  I would call this blog semi-professional, because the posts are a little less frequent.  Possibly weekly but its tough to tell without dates on the posts.  There is one single author publishing content, Alexander Heyne.

There are several things that make this blog unique but I think the one that stands out most is Alexander himself.  His story about leaving the professional rat race and moving to China for a year is inspirational and something I’m sure many of us wish we were able to experience ourselves.  He learned how to truly be happy and how to deliberately create a meaningful life and he’s sharing what he’s learned through MilkthePigeon.  Alex – what the hell does it mean to MilkthePigeon, anyway?  Perhaps its a metaphor for trying to get things out of life that aren’t there or that you’re looking for in the wrong place.


The brand of MilkthePigeon isn’t projected through the site for me.  The site doesn’t feel bold or capture my attention with its design.  If the target audience is lost 20-somethings, I would expect something louder, with bright colors, something fresher and hip. As for traffic, when I searched some keywords on Google, I did not find MilkthePigeon in the results.  It wasn’t until I began searching very specific phrases like “lost 20 something” (which I’m not) and “what should I do with my life” (close to the title of Alex’s free ebook) did I get first page results.  Again, I think social media and other blogs drive traffic to this site.  There are currently no advertisers on this site, but perhaps it would be a decent spot for a wellness center or professional life coaches to promote their services.


MilkthePigeon tag cloud

This blog appears to be semi-successful as it is integrated on Twitter and other social sites and has fantastic original content.  However, if Alex was able to post daily, I think he would be able to engage a larger following.  He seems to be in demand and has written many articles for other sites.  One thing I noticed on MilkthePigeon that could use attention is the subscribe process.  While this is a great way to engage readers and build a list, the subscribe link in the top corner doesn’t work.  It takes you to a page with nothing but HTML code.  I did sign up for the free ebook and therefore began a subscription that way.  I thought I was getting the ebook “What the Hell Should I Do With My Life,” but I received “Killing Your Old Life and Living the Dream,” the site’s manifesto.  Since I wasn’t looking for something specific, I didn’t mind.  I haven’t read it yet, but from the comments, it sounds to be filled with as much great info as Alex’s posts. Check it out.




This last site is a beautiful morphing of a recreational food blog and a news blog.  Food news?  Exactly.  Not just food news, but food news done right – with high entertainment value and plenty of sarcasm and humor.


This blog is noisy, loud, bursting with in your face headlines and filled to the brim with videos for your viewing pleasure.  The writers don’t find cursing offensive, in fact, they consider curse words to be a valuable part of the English language.  They write conversationally and their readers enjoy and appreciate that.  I did.


Mac ‘n Cheese Donut with Cheeto Crust

FoodBeast does everything a successful blog should do.  They post interesting and original content daily, they link to social sites (31K Twitter followers and 193K Facebook likes) and make it easy for you to share their awesome stories.


Their dedicated staff executes their strategy and ensures their longevity and they have great SEO on Google (first page when searching for food news).  They have targeted advertisers too.  I’ve seen ads from Cox cable and ads for small cosmetics boutiques, which makes sense since I was searching for WiFi info and eyelash extensions for my upcoming vacation.

The point: if you love food and you like to be entertained, you need to be reading Foodbeast.