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Florida Kids and Family Expo

This blog post is an excerpt of my final project for MMC 5006: Multimedia Communications.


The Florida Kids and Family Expo is a new event that will take place at the Orange County Convention Center this August.  The show is produced by, a comprehensive and free online resource for families in Central Florida, and will become the largest annual family expo in Central Florida.  Florida Kids and Family Expo will take the directory offline and bring it to life as a fun and interactive experience for kids.  This event will showcase the many wonderful local businesses that cater to families and children.  Attendees can also expect animal & reptile shows by GatorLand, bounce houses, rock walls, bumper cars, zip lines and many performances by local choirs, dance troupes and more.  Discounted tickets can be purchased at Walgreens for $5 for children ages 2-17 and $6 for adults.  Children under 2 are free. is a convenient way to research local businesses that serve families with children, ages 0-17, as well as gather information and ideas.  Their mission is to provide news and information on events and activities within their area to help make it easier for parents and children to play, learn and make memories together.

The target audience for the Florida Kids and Family Expo is families with children ages 0-17, parents, single mothers, single fathers, grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles, and the businesses that serve families with children.

The major strength of this event is the several media partners that are already committed to participate in promoting the expo.  With television and radio partners onboard, the expo will garner excellent exposure to the general public of Central Florida.  The television and radio stations will not only run promotional content on their channels and social media platforms, they will also guarantee the attendance of their on-air personalities as well provide live coverage of the two-day show.  These partnerships will enhance the show’s advertising strategy and will lend credibility to the inaugural expo.

Florida Kids and Family Expo will seize the best results by implementing this IMC strategy.  IMC, integrated marketing communication, is a cross-functional process for creating and nourishing profitable relationships with customers and other stakeholders by strategically controlling or influencing all messages sent to these groups and encouraging data driven purposeful dialogue with them. (T. Duncan (2002) IMC: Using Advertising & Promotion to Build Brands (first edition) New York: McGraw-Hills (from Rhoads lecture).  Marketing messages are so over saturated today, we need to find smarter ways to get our message to the right consumer.  It is stated in our textbook, Brand Media Strategy, “with most media consumed with only the viewer’s partial attention, the impact of advertising decreases.”  This begins to explain why IMC is so valuable.  It allows our messaging to remain impactful by traveling across and adapting to multimedias and multichannels.

What every brand wants out of their marketing efforts is to cut through the noise and to stand out from the crowd.  Using a complete integrated marketing communication plan will keep your message consistent while delivering it across multiple channels.  The Florida Kids and Family Expo, with a little help from MMC 5006, is sure to be a success and prove to be a worthy weekend event for families in Central Florida.

I wish I lived in Central Florida so I could attend this event!

Evaluating Facebook Analytics

Analytics are an extremely important tool in social media marketing.  The data is like a road map.  Social media professionals use analytics to know where to focus their efforts.  You can capitalize on highpoints or direct attention to where you see lulls or gaps in the numbers.  Basically, “analytics give you the data you need to improve your social media engagement, make marketing decisions and tie social media to your bottom line.” (Social Media Examiner) For this week’s assignment, I will be analyzing XYZ Company’s Facebook page data to provide feedback on their strategy and suggestions for improvement.


XYZ Company is a heating and cooling company (HVAC) in Western Massachusetts.  They provide installation, maintenance and repair of residential HVAC units.  In addition to this Facebook page, XYZ Company has a website, Twitter account, Yelp page and Google+ page.  This is a small family business and Facebook is their primary advertising channel although they do some offline marketing as well.




XYZ Company’s Facebook Page currently has 167 likes and they are, on average, creating one to two posts a week.  All of their posts have been boosted to increase the likelihood of their audience seeing their post.  While 58% of their page likes have come from women, they receive the most engagement from men between the ages of 35-54.

Key Findings

The biggest indicator of the XYZ data is their paid posts and ads are working.  During the week of 3/11-3/17, all of their stats had improved or increased.  Their best results are directly correlated with paid reach, paid likes and paid ads.  Any spikes seen in their data are due to the boosting of a post.  XYZ’s numbers would be significantly lower if they relied entirely on organic means.  This is probably a result of Facebook’s new algorithms and businesses need to adjust accordingly if they want their content to reach their audience.

analytics 3

The data also shows us when is the best time for XYZ to post on Facebook.  Under the post tab, we can view when their content receives the most eyeballs.  Saturday through Monday are best days while the peak hours are 8pm and 9pm.  We can go back through the weeks to determine if this is a pattern.  If it is, we can schedule our posts to accommodate those peak days and times. My first suggestion would be to create an editorial calendar and schedule your most important posts during those peaks.

analytics 4


Other Suggestions for Improvement

My main recommendation for XYZ is to post more often.  In an article on social media frequency from, “As a general rule, Socialbakers found that posting once per week on Facebook was so low as to lose connection with your audience.”  I would recommend increasing your sharing to one post a day, which is the average number of posts from top brands in the United States.  Posting on a more regular basis will increase fan engagement!  If your fans are liking, commenting and sharing your posts, they will see your posts more often!

With six more posts to write a week, my next recommendation would be to diversify your content.  XYZ fans don’t want to hear only about thermostats, heat pumps and mini splits.  They want to be engaged, entertained and informed.  Include questions to which they can respond, photos, and introduce humor into your lineup. There should be a nice balance on your page between sharing with your fans and listening to your fans.

analytics 5

Next, speak to your target audience.  If men between the ages of 35 and 54 are your most engaged demographic, then you should start creating content specifically for them.  Perhaps future campaigns or posts could include a series of how to videos, tips for maintaining their HVAC system during winter or summer months, humorous photos or memes appropriate for your target demo, or a free consultation/inspection offer.  Post photos of nightmare hvac situations and start a “We Can Fix It” or a “We Can Handle It” campaign.  Create a hashtag so posts can be shared on Twitter or use popular HVAC hashtags like #hvac, #hvachacks, and #airconditioning.

dwight hvac

Incorporate Other Channels

To further boost results, incorporate other online and offline channels.  Cross promote your other social media channels on your Facebook page.  Share good reviews from Yelp or share retweets from Twitter.  Another recommendation would be to create a Pinterest page.  Pinterest is where everyone goes for do it yourself projects or to get ideas for home improvement.  With a board on Pinterest, you can position yourself as the HVAC expert and provide excellent tips to fans while increasing your following.


hvac pin 3

Be sure that your offline marketing is also driving traffic to social media or your website.  Add “Like Us on Facebook” graphics to direct mail pieces, add social icons to emails, and add follow us buttons to your website.  Be sure to include links to your website in all your social posts and consider installing an appointment scheduler on your website.

Catersource Event Solutions Conference and Trade Show 2015



In this week’s post, I will be summarizing the use of social media and integrated marketing communications to promote Catersource Event Solutions Trade Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 8 – 11, 2015.  This was written for academic purposes only and while I live in Las Vegas, I did not attend the expo.

Revenue in the catering industry has doubled in the last 10 years,” as stated on  Additional industry stats state, “The catering industry contributed $45 billion to the economy,” as shown on  Caterers across the country attend and exhibit at Catersource to increase sales and market share, generate leads and to discover and explore new industry trends.

Social media is a key element in maximizing your event marketing.  Catersource Magazine, Conference and Trade Show has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.  They used Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as their main social channels to promote the event.

Before the Event

The Catersource team used Twitter and Facebook leading up to the event to boost interest and share information about the conference and trade show.  Posts and tweets included links to download the trade show app, purchase tickets to special events during the show and book lodging in Las Vegas.  Schedules were shared along with bios of award recipients and notes from keynote speakers.  Notably on Twitter, Catersource shared articles related to industry trends to generate interest and also retweeted photos of attendees on their way to the conference to rev up excitement.  These are all good examples of ways to brand your event using social media while providing interactive touch points for your users to learn about the event.  These posts probably succeeded in generating pre-show buzz.


During the Event


Facebook was used during the four day event to post photos, reminders and links to download the app.  My favorite posts during the event were the Good Morning posts which greeted attendees, occasionally recapped event from the prior evening and shared info about breakfast and the morning conference sessions.  These were friendly, personable and had a relaxed tone.  Each day an album of photo recaps was posted on this channel.  This channel was a valuable platform for information about the event as it was happening.

goodmorning tweet


At first look, Twitter was the main platform used during the event.  There were constant updates throughout the entire four day event.  But almost, in my opinion, too many tweets.  Day One – 28 tweets, day two – 26 tweets, day three – 34 tweets and day four – 22 tweets.  I felt it was a little excessive and some followers may find this amount of posting frustrating and overwhelming.  Most of these tweets only garnered single digit retweets or favorites.  So it could be argued that this level of communication wasn’t as effective as planned.

Some great things they used their Twitter channel for included a sponsored post and cross promotion of their other social channels.  A tweet went out on day three promoting an exhibitor’s booth at the trade show.  Mercer Culinary was having a Blow Out Sale at Booth 1549.  This is a prime example of Twitter working during an event to drive traffic to certain locations inside the event.  Not only was this tactic used to increase flow for the Mercer booth, this type of promotion was used to direct attention and traffic to the contests held at the event.

mercer culinary blowout sale

Catersource used social media to tweet updates on the Diced competition taking place, including tweets leading up to the event, thank you to sponsors of the competition and announcements of judges and the winners.  Catersource also used their Twitter channel to share photos they originally posted on Instagram.



The most active channel for engagement was Instagram, which was used to execute 50 posts over the four days and most of those images received double digit double taps.

It should also be noted that Catersource pinned to the conference board on their Pinterest profile seven times and did not use their Google+ account at all.  They appeared to have one preview video on YouTube months before the event and this would be a good opportunity to use this channel in the coming weeks to share recap videos.

Overall, their branding was consistent across all three channels and carried the theme and look of the event.  They used their chosen hashtag, #CSES2015, on all their channels and posts making it easy for attendees to follow the conversation and get information about the show. e Catersource team shared content promoting their exhibitor and sponsors but could have added a spotlight or two about those companies that made their event possible.  Most posts included images and/or links and many included tags of a sponsor, exhibitor, speaker or winner.  They were also sure to incorporate retweets of what their attendees were sharing.


An additional source of integrated marketing communication was the Catersource website.  This is where anything and everything related to the the conference and trade show was housed.  Video recorded conference sessions are being offered on-demand for a fee which is an excellent way to offer conference content to any who could not attend.  I opted in to their emails and newsletter from this site while the show was in session but didn’t receive anything directly related to the event.

What Stood Out

In researching how Catersource promoted their event in the months before arriving in Las Vegas, I discovered Catersource’s 12 Days of Holiday Giving on Instagram.  For 12 business days last December, Catersource offered a daily prize drawing to boost registration for the event. This promotion capitalized on the holiday season while promoting their event and encouraging a call to action.

twelve days

twelve days insta

What Was Missing

After the Event

At the time this post was made, Catersource had yet to do any follow up of the event on their social media channels.  The show ended with one tweet thanking the sponsors and attendees for a great show and see you next year.  This post didn’t make it to their other two channels though.  There wasn’t a single Facebook post on the last day of the show.  That channel was completely silent on day four.  This is not to say they didn’t rock the last day of the show on Twitter and Instagram.  But once the show was over, communication ceased. This is something to be very careful of while promoting an event.  Don’t drop the ball once the event is over even though your entire team may be exhausted.  Have post planned and schedule to capitalize on the momentum from the show to begin promoting next year’s event or recapping the highlights of this one.

thank you

Social Media Calendar Example

Epcot Social Media Schedule

This week we are creating one month of fictional social media posts for a brand – Epcot at Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  This is hypothetical and is only a class assignment.  This is not a real schedule for Epcot.

Planning a month long schedule takes extensive planning and research.  You must review event calendars, actual calendars, international calendars, performance schedules, construction schedules and more to have a comprehensive understanding of all the content that will go into your social media editorial calendar.  Then cross reference all of this information with your goals, strategy, objectives and tasks for the time period.  Without further ado, here is my editorial calendar for Epcot for the month of April 2015.

Park: Epcot

Month: April 2015

Goals: Promote Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival to keep momentum as we roll into weeks five through nine of the annual event.  Drive traffic to live performances.


Wednesday, April 1:

FB: Don’t fall for any of these April Fool’s Day pranks. Be cautious. #aprilfools

Twitter: Don’t fall for any of these April Fool’s Day pranks. Be cautious. #aprilfools

insert graphic with April Fool’s typesetting


Thursday, April 2:

FB:  Happy Pascua Florida Day!  Florida residents receive 10% off admission to Epcot with your Florida ID.  #pascuafloridaday  #epcotsavings

Twitter: Show your Florida ID and save 10% off admission to Epcot today only!  #pascuafloridaday #epcotsavings

Include graphic for Pascua Florida Day – can we incorporate mouse ears in some way?



Friday, April 3:

FB: Join us for the Garden Rock Concert Series!  This weekend’s musical act is The Orchestra!  Shows at 5:30pm, 6:45pm and 8:00pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday at America Gardens Theatre. #theorchestra #gardenrock

Twitter: The Orchestra is rocking all weekend at Epcot’s IFGF. #theorchestra #gardenrock

The Orchestra - Promo b-w photo portrait resized


Saturday, April 4:

FB: Happy Passover to all our friends around the world.

Twitter: Happy Passover to all our friends around the world.

create passover graphic with world showcase images


Sunday, April 5:

Happy Easter!  It’s not too late to make dinner reservations at one of our many international restaurants with table service and special Easter dinner menus.  #easterdinner #epcotdining

Twitter: Plans for Easter dinner?  Think Epcot Dining. #easterdinner #epcotdining

Photo content – disney characters enjoying an easter dinner


Monday, April 6:

FB: Anna and Elsa topiaries are a spectacular favorite at Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival.  Enjoy a behind the scenes look of the royal sisters with horticulture manager, Eric Darden. #frozen #freshepcot

Instagram: Behind the scenes of Anna and Elsa topiaries.  #freshepcot #frozen


Tuesday, April 7:

FB: Timber! Don’t miss axe-throwing Canadian Lumberjacks performing daily on Mill Stage in the World Showcase.  Today’s remaining showtimes are 11:45am, 1:15pm, 2:15pm, 3:45pm, 4:45pm and 6pm. #lumberjacks #epcotshows

Twitter: Timber! Don’t miss axe-throwing Canadian Lumberjacks performing six times daily! #lumberjacks #epcotshows



Wednesday, April 8:

FB: Light up the night. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Firework Spectacular.  Nightly at 9pm. #epcotfireworks

Instagram: Light up the night.  IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Firework Spectacular.  9pm nightly.  #epcotfireworks



Thursday, April 9:

FB: Butterflies on the Go presented by Go Go SqueeZ details the epic journey of the Monarch butterly.  #futureworld #butterfliesonthego #freshepcot

Instagram: Butterflies on the Go presented by Go Go Squeeze.  #futureworld #butterfliesonthego #freshepcot



Friday, April 10:  

FB: Join us for the Garden Rock Concert Series!  This weekend’s musical act is The Village People!  Shows at 5:30pm, 6:45pm and 8:00pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday at America Gardens Theatre. #villagepeople  #gardenrock  #ymca

Instagram:  The Village People are rocking all weekend at Epcot’s IFGF. #villagepeople #ymca  #gardenrock


Saturday, April 11:

FB: Epcot Poll: What is your favorite Epcot attraction? #epcot

Twitter: Epcot Poll: What is your favorite Epcot Attraction?  #epcot

post graphic with question in typeface


Sunday, April 12:  

FB: Today is International Day of Human Space Flight!  Celebrate with authentic NASA-style training and out-of-this-world space launch on our shuttle simulator at Mission: SPACE. #beanastronaut  #shuttlelaunch

Twitter: Celebrate International Day of Human Space Flight on our shuttle simulator at Mission: SPACE. #beanastronaut #shuttlelaunch



Monday, April 13:  

FB and Twitter: Visiting Epcot soon?  Be sure to check out these 10 tips and tricks to Epcot before you arrive.  #epcothacks

create blog article to link


Tuesday, April 14:

FB: Matsuriza showcases the time-honored form of drumming, Taiko.  See performance schedule for this entertaining percussive troupe here:


Twitter: Let the beat drop.  Check out this Taiko troupe perform in Matsuriza! #epcotshows


Wednesday, April 15:

FB: Don’t Stress Tax Day!  Unwind and enjoy fresh tastings at one of the many outdoor kitchens at the International Flower and Garden Festival.  #freshepcot #epcotdining

Twitter: Unwind and enjoy fresh tastings at one of the many outdoor kitchens at  Epcot’s IFGF. #freshepcot #epcotdining

outdoor kitchen


Thursday, April 16:

FB: What to pack when you vacation to Epcot?  Check out pinterest for more information than you’ll ever need! #epcot #packrat

Twitter: Check out these pinterest posts for your Disney vaca packing lists. #epcot #packrat



Friday, April 17:  

FB:  Please welcome John Secada to the Garden Rock Concert Series stage!  Performances at the America Garden Theatre Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5:30pm, 6:45pm and 8pm.  #gardenrock #justanotherday

Twitter:  Please welcome John Secada to the Garden Rock Concert Series Stage. #gardenrock #justanotherday



Saturday, April 18

FB: B’net Al Houwariyate is a musical journey with exhilarating sounds, rural chants, urban beats and spirited rhythms that inspired Spanish Flamenco. Look at today’s performance schedule at World Showcase. #epcotshows

Twitter: Enjoy the exhilarating sounds of B’net Al Houwariyate. #epcotshows




Sunday, April 19:

FB and Instagram: Goofy About Spring?  We are!  Visit our beautiful topiary displays of your favorite Disney characters before their gone! #freshepcot #goofy



Monday, April 20:

FB: Meet your favorite Disney princesses around the world at Epcot.  Find your princess’ location and schedule here:

#disneyprincess #epcot

Twitter: Meet your favorite Disney princess around the world at Epcot. #disneyprincess #epcot



Tuesday, April 21:

FB: Make a reservation to swim with the Disney Dolphins!  This exclusive and intimate encounter is limited to eight guests per day.  Call 407-WDW-TOUR. #epcot

Twitter: Make a reservation to swim with the Disney Dolphins!  Call 407-WDW-TOUR. #epcot




Wednesday, April 22:

FB: Celebrate Earth Day and hear about conservation efforts to protect coral reef, sea turtles and more at The Seas with Nemo and Friends. #earthday #nemo #freshepcot

Twitter: Happy Earth Day!  Visit The Seas Nemo and Friends to hear about conservation efforts. #earthday #nemo #freshepcot



Thursday, April 23:

FB: The Paul McKenna Band is strumming contemporary tunes from Glasgow in the United Kingdom Pavilion.  Seven showtimes today!  #epcotshows #paulmckennaband

Twitter: Seven showtimes today for the scottish persuasion Paul McKenna Band. #epcotshows #paulmckennaband



Friday, April 24:

FB: Guess who is playing the Garden Rock Concert Series this weekend?  The Guess Who rocks the stage at America Garden Theatre, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 5:30pm, 6:45pm and 8pm.  #gardenrock #guesswho

Twitter: Guess who is playing Epcot’s IFGF? #gardenrock #guesswho



Saturday, April 25:

FB: Baby, You’re a Firework. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Firework Spectacular.  Nightly at 9pm. #epcotfireworks

Instagram: Baby, You’re a Firework. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Firework Spectacular.  9pm nightly.  #epcotfireworks



Sunday, April 26:

FB: Don’t miss nationally known author, landscape designer and professional horticulturist, Jessi Bloom today at noon and 3:00pm on the Fresh Epcot Stage. #freshepcot

Twitter: Don’t miss professional horticulturist, Jessi Bloom today at noon and 3:00pm on the Fresh Epcot Stage. #freshepcot



Monday, April 27:

FB and Twitter: Be sure to pick up a Garden Passport and get it stamped at all your stops along the way! #freshepcot

create graphic with garden passport


Tuesday, April 28:

FB: Oh no!  Test Track will be closed today for scheduled maintenance. Please enjoy one of our other thrill rides at Epcot. #epcot

Twitter: Oh no! Test Track will be closed today. #epcot

text only post


Wednesday, April 29:

FB: Epcot Poll: What’s your favorite part of the International Flower & Garden Festival? #freshepcot

Twitter: Epcot Poll: What’s your favorite part of the International Flower & Garden Festival? #freshepcot

create graphic with question


Thursday, April 30:

FB: Celebrate International Jazz Day at World Showcase.  Enjoy food and music from 11 different countries. #epcot #jazzhands

Twitter: Celebrate International Jazz Day at World Showcase.  #epcot #jazzhands



Oreo’s Outrageously Successful Revamp of Brand Personality

MMC 5006: In Your Words

Oreo’s Outrageously Successful Revamp of Brand Personality

For over 100 years, Oreos was   a solid brand.  The brand successfully, and by definition, “guaranteed quality and evoked desire,” (Rhodes).  Their advertising usually consisted of safe campaigns with creative always taking place in the kitchen with the popular cookie, a glass of milk and a happy family.

In 2012, Kraft reorganized and broke off a few of their best-selling products (Oreos, Ritz Crackers and Sour Patch Kids) to turn this “made the transition from self-involved advertiser to nimble content creator.”  To do this they completely revamped their culture, marketing team and creative agencies dedicated to these three brands.

The new company, Mondelez, had a corporate goal to create smarter campaigns using compelling storytelling that focuses less on their product and more on their consumer.  Since that time, Oreo has been wonderfully successful in using multimedia communications on and offline.  Oreo is currently present in print, in store merchandising and on packaging, on their website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Mobile and more.


Asking current and new creative agencies for ideas to promote their 100th anniversary, one company brought to the table a campaign which morphed the cookie into cultural moments in history.  It was this campaign that Oreo realized “People were talking about the marketing as much as they were talking about the cookie.”

This is when the “brand personality, a set of human characteristics assigned to a brand,” (Rhodes) began to evolve.  “The brand personality is supposed to resonate with your target audience,” (Rhode) but for years Oreo focused on primarily moms and their kids.  After this print campaign, Oreo made the decision to target different age groups since everyone likes Oreos.  The brand personality began taking on a more mature but casual tone.

Website is an online portal where consumers can search products, get Oreo recipes, link to their social media platforms (which I will discuss in detail below) as well as follow and view videos from their latest campaigns, Wonderfilled, where several featured artists perform their version of the Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem, which are also available for mp3 download, and the Mini Mini Mart video promoting their newer product, the Oreo Mini.  What was missing from the site, for me personally, was a way to sign up to receive emails or offers.


The Oreo team wanted to keep up their momentum and translate the excitement from the print campaign into social.  They hit a home run with their Daily Twist campaign: 100 pieces of social media content in 100 days on Facebook depicting the classic cookie into a series of trending news stories and cultural moments. The campaign included now famous creative such as the Mars rover landing and the Gay Pride Celebration, shown below.  Every morning that summer, Oreo would scan the news feeds and creatively insert the cookie into pop culture.  This required impressive turnaround and approval processes on a daily basis. The response from consumers and fans was off the charts, but didn’t come without the usual amount of negative comments.  “Oreo set a new standard for real time marketing and saw a 280% increase in Facebook shares.  The content garnered more than 1 million likes on Facebook, or 10,000 likes per post, on average.” 


pride oreomars oreo


What truly catapulted Oreo into real time marketing stardom was their Twitter post during the Super Bowl in 2013.  When a power outage unexpectedly occurred during the big game, the Oreo team sprang into action.  Within minutes, we concepted, designed and published a piece of content that was hyper-relevant to the unfolding news.  The award winning Tweet was shared over 20,000 times over social platforms and reaped 525 million earned media impressions.  What’s interesting is during the 2014 Super Bowl, Oreo went dark themselves, wishing their followers a good night and a good game before the event started (#oreoout).

dunk in dark oreo


Oreo has always claimed to be in the snacking business, but really, their consumers purchases are driven by impulse.  In the past, consumers would pick up cookies while waiting in line at the supermarket, time now spent by many on their mobile phones.  People are also spending more and more of their extra dollars on mobile apps and games.  So it makes sense to deduce that using a mobile app would be a great new way to capture their consumer.  Also, their tried and true purchasers, mothers, make up a large percentage of casual mobile gamers.

The OREO: Twist, Lick, Dunk game allows players to win or purchase virtual currency, which can then be used to purchase different varieties of Oreo cookies to play with and provide in-game boosts.  OREO: Twist, Lick, Dunk became the number one app in 12 countries and had over 400 million organic downloads.

By targeting a new demographic and updating its brand personality and voice, Oreo became relevant and entertaining to its consumers.  Their real time marketing campaigns have gained more social media attention than most global brands.  Their success will continue because they are always one step ahead in their integrated multimedia communications plan.



Classic Marketing v. Social Marketing

Classic Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Multimedia communication is all the digital communication tools used to publicly dispatch a message.  Multimedia communication blends the old channels of marketing with the new technology of the 21st century.   Billboards are now digital, magazines are flipped through online and so on.  Traditional marketing is still alive and well.  It has just been updated.

In this post, I’ll focus on two aspects of classic and social media marketing: types of marketing available and how a company communicates with their customers.

Classic types of marketing are any channels that existed before the Internet: television, outdoor, print, direct mail, radio, collateral, events, etc.  These are all straightforward, uniform ways to send a message to your ideal customer.  While some companies are spending less in these areas than before, television ads, billboards, newspaper and magazine display ads, postcards, radio spots, flyers and the like, are still important pieces of any marketing strategy.

In my opinion, social and classic types of marketing are similar in that social media should be treated as another channel available to advertisers; another vehicle to carry the marketing message.  Its is just another piece of the pie and like all other mediums, it should get a percentage of the budget.

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.  This type of marketing is dissected and sometimes unclear, taking place through status updates, tweets, blog posts, video links, check-ins or any other message shared on a social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat and more.  Often times, you don’t even realize you are being sold.

One difference between the two types of marketing is that social media advertising is significantly less expensive than traditional types of media.  It will cost less to have an intern post this weekend’s sale prices on a social media channel than it will to produce and air a television commercial stating the same information.  Because of this cost difference, many maintain that digital marketing will save your company time and money, not only in production of campaigns but in research costs as well.

Another difference between classic and social marketing is that digital media offers an  accurate way to track results.  With dashboards and analytics built right into most services, you can see in real time who saw your message, who liked it, who shared it, who clicked on it, who opened it, and more.  This type of information is more valuable to a company than anything previously offered by classic media.  It was stated in the book, CtrlAltDelete, “Google’s ad revenue is more than that of the entire US print industry,” This statement signifies how successful the leader in online advertising has been in direct comparison to its traditional industry competitor.

The second aspect I want to explore is how these two medias help advertisers communicate with their customers.  Before social media, if you wanted to make a suggestion, provide a comment, ask a question or file a complaint about a product, you would write the company a letter.  In most cases, you didn’t know how to get the address and if you did, you probably weren’t going to receive a response.  If you received a free sample in response to your communication, you were lucky.  This eventually turned into call centers where you could reach an automated system or sometimes a live person.

The advertiser would communicate with customers through display ads or commercials which is entirely one way communication.  The company would talk and the customer, if the ad reached this particular customer, would listen only.  Before the internet, if a company wanted feedback on a campaign they would need to rely on traditional market research strategies such as focus groups.

Social media has revolutionized communicating with a customer.  With this type of media you can interact and engage with your customers, respond to their feedback, have conversations, and often times, your brand can become a part of their daily lives.   One reason why social media has increasingly high participation is that millions of people are signing on to these sites through their mobile phone.  This allows the world to engage as often as they like from virtually anywhere.  Nobody wants to miss anything!  “More people have a mobile subscription service than access to safe drinking water,” is a powerful quote from our reading this week in CtrlAltDelete.

I appreciate social media and how much it has changed the marketing and advertising industry.  Being completely fascinated but intimidated by it, is what brought me to this graduate program.  But, I am a believer and to me traditional media is still king.  Even with incredible stats about the millions of people on social site, there are still a large percentage of consumers who do not have a smartphone or do not engage in the social experience.

It is clear that using social to complement your traditional media campaigns and using integrated marketing communications will turn the best results.