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Oreo.com: Digital Techniques

MMC5006: Website Analysis

In 2012, Mondolez gave Oreo a new personality.  With that personality, came a new voice and a grand presence on social media.  In this post, I will review which digital techniques Oreo employs to reach new consumers and maintain relationships with current users of this iconic brand.

Pull marketing is defined by this week’s lecture as “consumer-initiated communication, (which) takes place when consumers begin the engagement with (a brand).”  Consumers will find a brand online by searching them on Google, visiting their website, or responding to a marketing trigger.  “Pull marketing includes blogging, email marketing, social media, infographics and other forms of visual messaging and search engine optimization (SEO),” as stated in this article on ipost.com, Push or Pull: Which Type of Digital Marketing is Most Effective?

Oreo’s website, Oreo.com, in itself, is a pull strategy.  By visiting the website, consumers can find valuable brand information such as product available, product locator and nutritional value, through an external link to snackworks.com. The website also has social buttons so consumers can easily access their social sites and like their pages.  It’s also super simple to share recipes and product recommendations with friends using the sites social share buttons.  Their website is also mobile friendly and Oreo even has an app that consumers can download in the Apple or Google Play Stores.

oreo apporeo mobile


What is noticeably missing from Oreo.com is any permission based marketing.  There is no newsletter to sign up for and no way to opt in for special offers.  Email marketing is a useful marketing tool as stated in this article on campaigner.com which says, “Permission-based email marketing is used effectively everyday by hundreds of thousands of organizations to build their brands, increase sales, and strengthen relationships with their clients and members.”

Oreo’s search engine optimization is a highly effective pull marketing strategy.  If you Google search Oreo, Oreo.com is the first result, followed by Oreo on Wikipedia, Oreo’s Facebook page and Oreo’s Twitter.  SEO is an extremely important part of a pull marketing strategy.  Their first page result placement can be attributed to advertisement dollars spent with Google Adwords, the longevity of the brand, their global brand recognition and plenty of content creation.

Probably the most interactive piece of Oreo’s pull techniques is a contest on their microblog on Tumblr.  Fans and Oreo lovers are able to submit their own cookie ball recipes with a chance of having their recipe featured on the site.  This encourages fans to not only participate in the promotional contest but to buy the product and find new and exciting ways to use it.

oreo google oreo tumblr


Push marketing is defined by this week’s lecture as “marketer-initiated communication, (which) takes place when (the brand) initiates a marketing dialog with the customer or prospects.”  This is often done using traditional marketing channels like television, outdoor billboard and direct mail.  Since Oreo is such a global brand they obviously spend money on these types of marketing.  However, Oreo is becoming very popular for pushing out content using social media like their now famous Daily Twist campaign on Facebook and Instagram and their Super Bowl success on Twitter.

The majority of Oreo’s push strategy seems to currently be in social media and video content.  Their Wonderfilled campaign features several videos of popular artists singing the Oreo Wonder Song which Oreo pushes out via social media, their website and occasionally as a television campaign.  The brand also promotes their Oreo Mini product online with their Mini Mini Mart videos and has a noticeable presence on video sharing sites, YouTube and Vine.

Since the rise of their new personality, is Oreo putting all their eggs into the social media basket?  I feel they are social media heavy but have found great success on these platforms, which is why I was reviewing this brand in the first place.  My only recommendation after analyzing their strategies would be to add permission based email marketing to their website allowing visitors to sign up for emails containing coupons or recipes.

I would also recommend Oreo update the content on their website.  The Wonderfilled campaign launched in 2013 and is still the theme for the site almost two years later.  Where are the new videos, new ideas and new content?  Fresh content is crucial to SEO, but when you’re Oreo, you don’t have to try too hard to get first page results on Google.