Will Work For…

This week I need to hard sell the most personal brand of all – my own.  How does one humbly and authentically submerge another in their own pool of self-promotion?  My mechanism is usually humor.  Bringing a smile to someone’s face isn’t only about sharing joy.  In my case, it is how I introduce people to my personality.

If I could land any job, anywhere, I would stay right here in the incredible city where I took my first breath, Las Vegas.  There’s a little company called Zappos that has offices downtown and I would punch a baby in the face to be a part of such a charismatic team of individuals.  I might even send Tony Hsieh an email like this one:


Dear Mr. Hsieh,

On a scale of 1-10 how weird am I?  I can successfully achieve any number on the scale depending on a variety of factors.  This playbuzz quiz, a very reliable source, says I’m insane.  Really, I don’t think I’m too weird.  Kind of normal.  Slightly boring at times.  But who knows what people see when they observe me in my natural habitat.   I have been a marketing ninja since 2003 and I am currently honing my skills as a social media samurai in the hottest masters program in the country at the University of Florida.

Tony, I want to be a part of your marketing team.  Let’s get the obvious reasons out of the way; its one of the coolest work environments in the country.  Office space to rival even the hippest Silicon Valley based companies but an unrivaled corporate culture and a true connection to the community?  The optimal question is why wouldn’t I want to join the Zappos kingdom.  I know Zappos is a place where I could unlock my imagination and achieve enlightened development.

Reasons to Hire Me:

  • I don’t approach social media like this

  • I do approach social media like this


  • I am fluent in Hashtag, plus its so entertaining to see people’s reactions to this language


Things I have done:

  • shut up and dance
  • created small humans
  • eaten a can of cake frosting

Things I will do:

  • walk on the moon
  • be the keynote speaker at a conference
  • take more naps

You can also check out my pinterest board to learn a little more about my personal brand.

Please be sure to use the secret code question, “Do you want to grab a slurpee?” when calling, emailing or texting so we know neither of us are robots.

Looking forward to learning more from you,